Commercial Litigation Funding
Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes represent the core of TheJudge’s business. Clients from around the world engage TheJudge to source commercial litigation funding and legal cost insurance on their behalf.  

Whether the requirement is for third party funding to finance the ongoing costs of the case (e.g. lawyer’s fees, barrister’s fees, expert’s fees etc.) or litigation insurance to protect you from an adverse costs risk, we submit your case to multiple funders and insurers simultaneously to get the best deal possible. By engaging TheJudge, you can access a larger pool of leading funders and litigation insurers from around the world than by instructing any other broker.

Our clients range from small business owners, individuals and liquidators through to large corporate businesses. We secure funding for the entire spectrum of commercial disputes including shareholder disputes, insolvency litigation, securities litigation, professional negligence cases, breach of contract claims, banking litigation and international arbitrations.   

"We search the market of funders and insurers on your behalf and negotiate

to get you the most competitive deal."

In 2012 alone, TheJudge was responsible for broking funding and insurance for commercial disputes valued at in excess of £12 billion.  

In addition to our general commercial litigation work, we also specialise in arranging litigation funding and insurance for international arbitrations, insolvency disputes, competition claims and intellectual property cases.  To learn more about our work in these specialist areas click the relevant terminal on our homepage.

In short, we are your independent agent to secure the best commercial litigation funding terms we can from the market.

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