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ATE Insurance

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ATE Insurance Explained
Unlike traditional insurance which is taken out ahead of an event occurring, ATE insurance is available to litigants who are already involved in, or who are contemplating, a legal claim. ATE insurers
ATE Insurance Coverage Options
When securing ATE insurance through TheJudge, each policy is tailored to the requirements of the client.
ATE Insurance Premium Options
One of the most unique features of ATE insurance is the range of potential premium payment options potentially applicable.
Why Engage TheJudge to arrange your ATE Insurance?
TheJudge has been the market leading ATE insurance broker since the market began, over 13 years ago. Our close working relationship with all the leading insurance providers from around the world enabl
Global Markets
The litigation finance and insurance market is a global one. Irrespective as to which jurisdiction the case is to be pursued, it’s prudent to consider a global view of the funding options that may