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As the leading broker of litigation funding and insurance, we are often featured in the media. Here, you will find a selection of recent press articles featuring TheJudge.

Trend For Alternative Funding Gathers Pace
Publication: The Lawyer, Published Feb 2015
In the world of litigation finance, 2014 could easily be summed up as the year of "it's too soon to tell" - a phrase uttered by many when considering the impact the Jackson reforms had on third-party Read More >>
Mergers & Acquisitions - Financier Worldwide
Publication: Financier Worldwide , Published Jul 2014
An outstanding legal dispute, whether already in the courts or merely contemplated, can frustrate a merger or acquisition. Where the target company is facing a sizeable claim for damages, even if the Read More >>
To Sell or to Fund? Litigation Funding or Asset Sale/Assignment
Publication: Insolvency News, Published May 2014
One of the basic principles of third party litigation funding in the UK market is that the funder cannot take an assignment of the claim. Therefore, the traditional model of third party funding sees t Read More >>
Jackson One Year On: Survivor or Victim?
Publication: Litigation Funding , Published Apr 2014
Since the Jackson reforms to civil litigation were introduced this time last year, their impact has been more severe for some than for others. Here, we provide an overview of how different areas of th Read More >>
The Price of Victory
Publication: The Lawyer, Published Jan 2014
The litigation funding process is becoming more flexible and client-friendly, writes James Blick Director at litigation funding specialist TheJudge Read More >>
Funding and ATE: whats to come in 2014
Publication: Law Society Gazette, Published Jan 2014
The start of a new year is always an opportune time to take a look at what the next 12 months have in store. So what is likely to happen in the world of costs, funding, and after-the-event insurance? Read More >>
Litigation Funding and ATE Insurance in 2014
Publication: Solicitors Journal, Published Jan 2014
Increasingly competitive use of alternative fee arrangements will be one of this year's challenges, Matthew Amey predicts As awareness of the Third Party Funding (TPF) market continues to increase am Read More >>
The World of Litigation Funding and its Impact on the Bar
Publication: The Barrister, Published Jan 2014
Barristers play a vital role when it comes to securing alternative funding options such as third party funding or ATE insurance. As a key cog in the legal budget, Counsel's fee arrangement can directl Read More >>
How to Win Cases and Influence People - Litigation Funding strives to go mainstream
Publication: Legal Business, Published Dec 2013
As third-party funders enjoy robust growth within a buoyant disputes climate, Legal Business assesses current attitudes towards litigation's controversial bankrollers, by Sarah Downey at Legal Busines Read More >>
Litigation Funders Feel Pain of Defeat
Publication: Financial Times, Published Oct 2013
When a High Court judge rejected a $1.6bn claim against oil explorer Gulf Keystone last month, over disputed rights to Iraqi oilfields, it was not only the claimant, Excalibur Ventures, that lost out. Read More >>
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Trend For Alternative Funding Gathers Pace
Trend For Alternative Funding Gathers Pace
In the world of litigation finance, 2014 could easily be summed up as the year of "it's too soon to
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