Commercial Litigation Funding
Size of the Litigation Funding Market

Size of the Litigation Funding Market

The capital available in the litigation funding market is believed to exceed $1billion. This means there is no shortage of capital for cases which meet the right criteria.

The market is global; the UK, US, Germany and Australia are particularly dominant jurisdictions however, it’s important to understand that the domicile of the funder does not necessarily dictate their case appetite. Many UK funders, for example, will readily fund US litigation and arbitration and vice versa for US funders.

At TheJudge, we endeavour to make the world a smaller place for our clients, as we work with all the leading litigation funding companies around the world. This means that one application to TheJudge can provide access to specifically targeted funders sitting on the other side of the world.

We don’t take a ‘carpet bombing’ approach to our search; we know the real-time appetites of different funders around the world, what terms they have offered in the past and how best to negotiate with them. In other words, we know who will potentially be the best option for our clients’ specific cases.

Another intricacy of the market is that some funders are less publically visible than others but nonetheless can potentially provide some of the most competitively priced capital in the market. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of only approaching the high profile names in the industry and potentially miss out on a cheaper deal for your client.